Sprockets is a Python consumer framework that aims to simplify the process of creating and managing RabbitMQ consumer applications. Consumer applications are developed as independent python modules or packages and dynamically into the Sprockets daemon via configuration or the web based management interface.


  • Easy to use structure for quick consumer development
  • Scale consumer quantities on demand based upon configurable thresholds
  • Dynamic QoS to improve message delivery throughput
  • Built-in statistics for monitoring consumer performance, errors and runtime state - Internal stats delivery to statsd, Graphite, NewRelic
  • Web based management UI providing a real-time statistics dashboard and configuration control
  • Consumer mixin classes providing a take what you need approach for transparently adding functionality to consumers
  • RPC mixins for rapid RPC end-point development: - Sprockets RPC implementation using native AMQP properties and semantics - Support for JSON-RPC, MsgPack-RPC and Node-Orch RPC over AMQP
  • Multi-process approach allows for efficient scaling of processes across multi-core machines
  • Optional Zookeeper integration for configuration
  • Built-in auto-profiling of consumer code for finding performance bottlenecks


Sprockets is a fork and cleanup of the rejected consumer framework which has been used in production since 2009.

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